About - Art Famine Photography


I started Art Famine Photography in 2007 while working for a local antique shop. It was my job to photograph the furniture and place it on their website. Until then I had always loved taking photos but had never had the privilege of using a professional camera. Using their "fancy" camera, my eye began to wander away from the furniture and onto more captivating subjects. The owner's grandson would visit the shop and he became my first test subject. I was hooked. To this day, children are my favorite subject to photograph. Their complete honesty and candor remains unmatched. 

As an Actor myself I had plenty of actor friends who were more than willing to be my guinea pigs. I started out shooting headshots for my friends and then friends of friends, until I finally realized that I was a professional photographer. I invested in my own camera and my business has been steadily growing ever since. 

In addition to Photography I also have my own Interior Design business, www.DesignbyIntuition.com. And my most recent entrepreneurial endeavor is a wedding venue in Round Top, TX, called Mockingbird Fields- www.MockingbirdFields.com.

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